Mobile Heated and Cold flavour systems

Our systems provide a platform for customers who wish to have a mobile online system for applying either heated or cold flavours to rod making machines, including filter, cigarette and cigar makers. The unit can be moved between makers and connected to an assortment of SPI flavour applicators – (filter, thread, paper, tobacco). At the heart of the system is a SPI gear pump, capability of applying up to 540g/min.

Options include:

  • Single or twin track capability.
  • Data logging
  • Pump capacity.


LDAH - Heated

The heated unit, for use with solid menthol, includes a “melt-on-demand" menthol crystal hopper to allow very rapid melting of menthol crystals for continuous production of high flavour loading product. The system includes features to prevent freezing of menthol when the host machine stops, ensuring highly efficient running. The system can be easily converted to apply cold flavour if required. 

LDAC - Cold

If cold solutions are required, we can provide a cost effective system for cold flavours only, which has the tank and pump mounted externally for easy access for cleaning purposes. Automatic refill of the tank is available.  




heated option

Online cold flavour and glue application system

This multi fluid application system is designed to be fitted to filter making machines. The system incorporates one controller that operates individual pumps for PVA, Hotmelt and cold flavour application.

Cold flavour can be applied via a SPI standard filter applicator or combination with the SPI thread applicator.

The system can evolve as production requirements change, with flavour or adhesive elements added to an existing system at a later date. The system utilises a paper encoder to ensure all fluids channels are proportional to machine speed.

online spi stuffer jet

RWM - Foil bobbin rewinder and flavouring unit

Designed to apply very accurate loading of hot or cold flavours to reels of aluminium foil at operating speeds of up to 400m/min. The machine is manually loaded with a foil base reel, which is unwound at constant speed and tension. Flavour is applied to the web in lines, before the bobbin is rewound back onto a reel.

The machine can be supplied with single or twin track foil reel application capability, with independent application systems for each track. The changeover between single and twin track running is quick and simple.

The control system includes data logging capability and brand specification storage. 


Optional extras for the machine include label printer, bar code reader and bulk cold flavour refill capability.

Foil rewinder