Modular hotmelt and PVA systems

SPI have a wide range of modules that can be used to construct hot and cold adhesive application systems for fitment to filter, cigarette and cigar rod making machines.

Based around a highly accurate multiple pump control unit, systems to meet customers specific requirements, whilst having a flexibility for future upgrade or changes.   The pump controller module can operate a combination of up to 4 pumps and a glue line sensor.

These systems can incorporate a variety of hot and cold glue applicators, for fitment below or above the garniture, providing flexible solutions to all kinds of rod makers. The system uses the latest Hot Melt tank and pump technologies, ensuring highly accurate repeatable glue application.

The ability to adjust the amount of glue being applied whilst the host machine is running allows the glue loading to be minimised, thus ensuring clean machine running and high efficiencies.

A single HMI operating interface for all the modules allows easy setup, calibration and running. The SPI system offers the option to include a data collection IPC screen, enabling you to keep track of manufacturing data.


Combined glue system

PVA lap seam and anchor application

These systems are designed to apply one or more lines of PVA glue to cigarette, cigar or filter products, using either pump or gravity feed.  

The pump system includes a Programmable Pump Controller and Micro Precision Pump, which gives precise, infinite control over the adhesive flow rate, matching it precisely to the machine speed and process requirements.

Variations on the modules can be supplied as upgrades to existing making machine adhesive application systems.


EA-1 applicator

Compact Swirl Spray applicator

The Compact Swirl Spray Applicator is based upon the well proven range of SPI Spray applicators but incorporates a special nozzle/needle & air cap designed to apply a swirl pattern to moving substrates.

The Swirl Spray Applicator is designed for the application of PVA adhesive to the filter paper providing tow or segment retention. The Applicator can be used in the manufacturing process of mono or multi segment filters.

The valve is normally controlled via a pump providing an accurate and consistent flow control. Pump control ensures that application of adhesive is proportional to machine speed. Other glue feed methods can be employed. 

spray applicator