The majority of our solutions are based on our standard format micro-precision gear pumps, magnetic couplings and high speed microprocessor technology, ensuring highly accurate and reliable application of liquids to substrates. However, we also supply customer specific modules, so if you do not see listed a suitable product for your needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Typical benefits from using SPI equipment include:

  • Improved product consistency, as highly accurate amounts of liquid are applied per product, regardless of speed.
  • Improved production efficiency 
  • Less raw material waste
  • Cleaner running machinery and lower levels of maintenance
  • Improved production flexibility due to ease of system set up
  • Improved operator performance due to the use of common format control systems across the product range.
  • Greater range of product specifications possible

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We have a wide range of equipment for applying flavours to products, which can be customised to suit customer product and machinery requirements. Usually designed for the secondary process you can select from free standing heated or cold systems, foil flavour rewinders, or a cold machine mounted system.


We can provide a wide range of equipment for the application of hot and cold adhesives, such as PVA and Hot Melt, for fitment to a wide variety of cigarette, cigar and filter making machinery. The equipment can be customised to suit client requirements and can also be combined with flavour and other liquid handling elements to create multiple fluid systems, controlled by a common interface.

Data logging

All of SPI systems are offered with the option of a data logging software package. This software feature collects running data at user specified intervals and also records all events, such as alarm stoppages, calibrations and specification changes. The data collected by the system can be downloaded via USB or Ethernet connections for later analysis.


Our capacitive sensor technology is designed to detect water based adhesives. The sensor can be controlled directly by the main controller supplied with other SPI products or with its own controller as a standalone product. Our detection technology is used through the whole cigarette and filter making process.


Our modular free-standing mixing system enables complex flavour solutions to be automatically mixed and logged, as part of a variety of production processes. The highly accurate and consistent mix is achieved through use of very high resolution intelligent pumps. Each system contains a base control unit which is linked to individual modular units depending on customer requirements.


A single-track tipping paper rewind unit incorporating a sweetener printer. The machine unwinds a reel of tipping paper and applies a band of sweetener solution onto the outside of the paper about the centre line, before drying and rewinding the bobbin at a controlled level of tension


New product coming soon.